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Horizontal Hose Crimping


teksan trsp-y

  • Our machinery can be used for low noise and automatic crimping of any type of hose connections between 3/16"and 3" in a productive manner.
  • All different diameters to be crimped could be watched on the LCD display.Also these diameters are shown by the diagram on the pres.
  • The crimping process is performed by 8 crimping toos that are equally located on 360° around the main center line.
  • On the press, there are 15 crimping molds and a special place is allocated for each mold. By the specially designed mold tool, the required mold is mounted and dis mounted by only a simple action.
  • The operations of the pres are performed through the LCD operators panel.

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  • About Teksan

    Fort he suply with devoloping  machine and hydraulic sector needs; it has began as an subcontacting manufacturer  fort he market in year  1977, in a short  notice in the market of hydraulic hose fittings manufacturing, the materials which it has manufactured by taking the technology and competitiveness in consideration which is devoloping paralel to the product scale...Read more...


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