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Our Quality Policy

  • With potential of technology, personnel and intelligence owned by TEKSAN, is to understand customer’s requirements and needs, and is to ensure maximised customer satisfaction by responding that requirements and needs,
  • Is to renew continuously existing products of TEKSAN according to customer’s requirements and needs by following up the sectoral and technological advances,   
  • Is to held, protect, keep, update and make reachable the all assets at the level of knowledge owned by TEKSAN,   
  • Is to improve continuously awareness of production and service of the company’s personnel, is to determine training requirement which accelerate harmony process to innovation and is to provide necessary training opportunity, is to admit, support and ensure the personnel commitments to improve themselves,   
  • Is to measure continuously the quality obtained in order to keep and improve the quality level of TEKSAN products as a trademark,   
  • Is to be a company which has an understanding of such a service open to innovation with the awareness of targeting always to be best   

Our New Factory

teksan yeni fabrika


  • Address: 100.Yıl Bulvarı No.96 (06370) Ostim/Ankara * TURKEY
  • Phone: +90.312 354 4323- 354 5003
  • Fax: +90 312 354 29 50
  • Email: teksan@teksanhidrolik.com.tr